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Eastern Sunset, posted by s.fontinalis a while back. Well - it seemed like a pattern I could copy with the majority of materials or suitable subs on-hand. As soon as the tail it proved beyond what my materials and skill are up to. In order to go-on I had to adjust by using two thinned toppings - crossed over then tied-in slightly forked in order to keep them straight. For the IC I used two very small GP feathers side-to-side, veiling and drawn together to shore-up the tail further. With some hiccups here and there, breaking thread, I cruised through the body clear to the underwing, then hit another wall with the woodduck in the wing. :hihi:

I've used kori before, but it wasn't working for me without wasting too much... I'll spare you this time. At this point I simply continued stacking materials atop until I felt better about the turn-out. Very different and the BZ did spring on me - but it's there only morphed even further...
Orange Organism Plant

I may be asking too much of this next attempt at different pattern, but if you look hard enough you might see the Black Dog in there. It's what I had in mind...
Artificial fly Plant

Not a very telling picture but the tinsel under the silk really glows through in this one. Fairly well through the tag at least.

Anyhow - welcome to critique and comment. Looking forward always,

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I do this to myself a lot, but don't press on. Good for you to finish this fly, and give us something very lovely in its own right. Eunan has worked hard for that level of proficiency, not many are close. You did the fly justice overall.

that second fly is just cool and fishy lookin.
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