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Having a 'reflective day,' not a good day I'd guess. People still with me, people past.

Long e mails to/with a friend, a very good friend whom I've actually never met, in the UK. 'I WANT TO ..... , kid in some serious trouble. Did something seriously stupid. Fishing related? I have a box of his flies on my desk to forward to "Casting for Recovery."

'Pack him up and send him to me;' I will explain "The Fear of God." Dump him off on top of a mountain with two days food and no compass. 'North is that way, West is that way, find a river, they all flow west.'

Once that got me 'seriously' involved with the Oregon State Police/Justice System. "Where did you drop him off, we've got a few kids that need the same thing." Butte Falls & Ashland (East Half) Ranger District map: 'About here.'

'Know the area and there's not a damned thing up there.' "Exactly, he was dropped off as a Boy, he may come back a Man."

Never quite figured out why I've never been in jail.:rolleyes:
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