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You Gotta Love It...

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...when a customer puts you in your place!! :)

as he walks out...

"Has your Speycasting improved since the last time I saw you on the Sky?"

"When was that?"

"Oh about 6 months ago...I always see you giving advice on the web but you can't cast!"

He is actually a great customer...Hell of nice guy and gave us all a good laugh! :D
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I gotta tell you, getting the casting mechanics down to where you can concentrate on fishing paid off for me this summer.

I spent all last year, both summer and winter, speycasting at every opportunity I could – fishing with Lencho didn't hurt either.

This summer, I was able to take the casting out of the equation and put the fly where I wanted (in most cases) although I still have so much more to learn. But most importantly, I took all the techniques I had been doing with my single-handed grease-lining for the last 25 years and combined it with the line control the speyrod affords. As a result, my catch rate went up significantly. This may or may not be the most meaningful example, but I hooked 21 steelhead (landed 17) in the Snoqualmie in the same 5-6 runs everyone who fishes the river know about (no secret spots).

I believe this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't spent the time casting and not being concerned with catching. But then again, I went for a year without catching any fish, many many years ago when I taught myself to flyfish.

Anyway, for what it's worth,
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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