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Steve Gotshall just stopped by and handed over my 12'2" TWO WEIGHT spey. A total thing of beauty for chasing trout. Deep polished Maroon blank, Maroon wraps with just a touch of silver 'bling' on the butt section.

Asked Steve for a total package, right down to the leader, add fly and fish.

He, as always been the case, exceeded my best expectations. Rod 'specs:'

Flywerks/SGS - Builder

12'2" - 2weight, whole rod/spey butt included can't weight much over 3 oz.

Deep purple wraps on a polished deep Purple rod blank

Handle - multi-colour stacks with Maple insert and gun metal grey reel seat

Rod 'name - "fet" for "Fred Evans Trout"

Leader - up to 1.5 rod length

tip/grains up to - 45

Custom cut line - 29'6"

Grains - 206

Rod tube/cloth bag - included

Reel - No brand name on same but it looks like a 'mini-Sarcone.' (sp there?) Even a light drag system; must pull this apart and look at the 'innards.'

Leader - 9' with a 4# m+/- tippet and dry flies or #10-12 weighted nymphs? Steve gave me one at 8# but for really small flys that may be a stretch so will get a lighter one. No biggie there as I can use the leader on a different rod.

Dang, what did I forget in the above?

Sign me off as:

"One Happy Camper."


First real rain in months so just put together and tip wiggle for the moment, but this is a true 2hander trout rod. Holy Water's on the Rogue here I come in a couple of days. For Montana/So. Idaho this thing will be a KILLER, A KILLER I TELL YOU!

All those 'dry flies' I've been collecting/haven't used in years are about to get wet.


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Coug I'm a total klutz at posting picture.

Pics? Wonder if he would like to build another!
Actual process is really quite simple but I've yet to have a success. Attach those I do post a e-mail and send them to a Mod who will post them up for me.

Yes, yes .. I am a Computer Luddite. :rolleyes:

That said, I'm sure Steve would/could build you #2. His phone is 541 840 2594.

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