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Fishing the Purple Tiger
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This is a reel that I bought from an old duffer who said he had given up fishing due to being too cold all the time. It is a Seamaster Tarpon, about 4" in diameter, and heavy enough to make a great spey reel. The reel is RHW only and is well used but working perfectly. It is the very first cork disc drag design ever. There are places that are rubbed raw, there are scrapes, but this is a reel that was used and I was told caught some world record saltwater species in Florida a long time ago. The original vinyl case is included as well although the zipper no longer works. This reel is very hard to find.

This is a very very cool reel. You will covet it to be sure. The thing screams 50s and 60s Miami Florida in style. I am not a reel collector but I am looking for someone who is that will trade with me because this reel doesn't fit what I need.

What I am looking for is a Hardy Bougle made in England. I would prefer 3 1/2" but wouldn't mind more. Other fine reel offers are welcome but keep in mind I am looking for a reel that will fit a very light spey rod such as said 3 1/2" Bougle.

Thank you!


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