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Hey guys,

Looking into trade options for my speyco scandi reel. It is made with the solid faceplate and hard coat III finish everywhere. Other than a couple of the springs breaking (which tim sent replacements and spares free of charge very quickly), I've never had an issue with the reel. Super tough. Has some scratching to the edges of the frame as it has been fished a lot.

I Got the reel when I made meisers 11'7" 8 wt, and while I've fished it for a few years, it is clearly too heavy for this rod. With backing on, the reel weights about 14.2 Oz. Would match well with a longer 13+ foot rod.

I'm looking to see if anyone is interested in a trade for this reel. I'm looking for a click/pawl reel in the 8-10 oz range (with backing on). Maybe a Speyco 3 3/4 switch, any of the hardy varieties. Aesthetics and age of the reel are not important to me, as long as the reel is in solid working condition.

Will consider all trades, even if there is some cash exchanged in either direction. PM me with options if you're interested....



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