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wtt scott L2H

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I thought i would test the waters here by offering up my scott l2h 1257 that i would like to trade for another 7 wt of equal value. Its in great condition with sock and tube, I really like this rod but have really been wanting to try out some other brands and its just not a good time for me to be buying another 7wt. the retail on this rod is $645. no switch rods though, 12'6" +.... I will take pics if you are interested.
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Let's try bringing it back up...
Unfortunately I just sold my 12'6" Sage TCX, else I'd trade (I'm a Scott-whore). I no longer have any 7wt's for trade, but if you decide to sell outright, let me know.
I'm starting to ponder that, if I decide to leap I will certainly let you know first. Thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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