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WTT+ platinum 7wt Switch - platinum 7wt Spey

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Anyone interested?

The Beulah plat. 7 wt switch is a sweet casting rod. I'm interested in a longer rod.

I would sweeten the deal some...depending.
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May not make any difference but I thought I would bump this post ...with photos:

This rod is pretty pristine. I know people have different definitions of pristine but as you can see no scratches to the ferrules, no cracks, no smudging on the handles.

Also a possible "sweetener."

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still available.
How much u looking for the setup and what line is on the reel
Looking to trade for a nice (nice as the switch) Beulah Platinum spey 7wt.

Not much interested in selling.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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