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Hey everyone ,

I'm looking to trade my Korean made Hardy Marquis Salmon 1, for a Hardy St.John, but I will entertain other offers as well.
It has been fished lightly for 1 season, and is in great shape. There is one small blemish on the outer rim by the handle, but isn't overly noticeable. The rim has tiny scratches that show up when held to the light, just from average use. It has been taken care of, and well greased with Quantum Hot Sauce(red in pictures). It has a knob to adjust the strength of the pawls, and is very strong.
Hardy Marquis Salmon 1 reel
Neoprene reel cover that can be used with rod still attached(Very convienient for pool jumping, in the car etc)
Blank warranty card
Original box
And I can include the 200 yards of 20lb dacron that is on it if you wish.
PM me with offers please, and pictures if possible.. :)


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PM sent regarding trade
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