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WTS Kast Gloves size Med

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Gloves are sold and paid for . Going in the mail in the morning.

I have a pair of Kast gloves size Medium to sell. I have tried to wear them a couple of times but they are just to tight to get over my arthritic thumbs. They are in really nice condition.

$60.00 including shipping to any lower 48 location.

Pay Pal Is fine


Not sure why the green cast in the photo. Must be the lighting in my room. It's not on the gloves.

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Trade for an unused pair of size large? PM me if interested.
Kast Gloves.

Thanks but the large would be to big for me. The mediums fit once I get them on just trying to shove my hand in them gives me allot of pain.

bump reduced price

Reduce the price bumped to the top.


These are the Steelhead gloves?

Kast gloves

Yes they are I Paid $80 for them from Hood river fly shop.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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