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WTS: *SOLD* Guideline DDC RTG line kit, 10/11 642 gr.

WTS: *SOLD* A complete Guideline DDC Connect RTG line kit. The kit is the 10/11, which is 42 grams or about 642 grains. Length on each belly is 7.5 M (25 ft.) and the tips 4.5 M (15'). So the belly with tips 12 M (40 ft.)

The kit includes: a floating belly, an intermediate belly, and the following tips: float, intermediate,
S1/2, S2/3, S4/5 and S6/7. That pretty much covers about any situation that can be encountered.

You probably know the Guideline 3Ds are about the most popular lines in Scandinavia for good reason. The floating belly and intermediate tip were used for one brief session, all the rest is new.
I don't have the original packaging. I don't have a need for the kit, so hopefully someone can use it.

$100.00 shipped in USA via US MAIL. PayPal or MO ok. First "I'll take it" will prevail as usual.


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