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WTS: *SPF* Classic Barbour wading jackets

WTS: Both *SPF* two very classic Barbour wading jackets. I don't think these are obtainable any more, and quite desirable. If you're going to fish a nice rod and reel, you need to look good too. You will with one of these. Both in nice condition and little used. First "I'll take it" followed by PM prevails. (Note: picture of the label under #2. actually goes with #1.)

1. Barbour "Spey" wading jacket #870, size XL. This is a waxed jacket with their "Sylkoil" finish, which is sort of a dry waxed cotton. Lots of pockets, includes accessory hood. $125.00 shipped to you in CONUS via USPS.


2. Barbour wading jacket, Size XL. This is a more contemporary jacket made of a waterproof high tech fabric, lighter than the traditional waxed cotton, in a grayish tone. Has an internal hood, mesh lining, lots of pockets and a sheepskin fly patch. $125.00 shipped to you in CONUS via USPS.



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