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WTF did I just see on the Thompson?

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Saw 15 rubes bottom bouncing the "Y" hole on the Thompson Sunday afternoon.....WTF?.....the sky has fallen :mad:
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Still a ton of sox moving through, they were rolling through Lytton on Saturday so they may have been targeting them?

Yes. They were targeting the sockeye. That said, its a blight on the land (or water I should say). Leave that crap on the Fraser....... The worst side would be some fool flossing a steelhead and bonking it.
Saw 15 rubes bottom bouncing the "Y" hole on the Thompson Sunday afternoon.....WTF?.....the sky has fallen :mad:
They must taste like rotten cardboard by now!! Hope they get really Sick!! Hope they don't catch any early steel ,or nice Bows!! These guys Suck!!
Bottom bouncing with leaders 3' or less is alot different then flossing anything that lies in its 12'+ leaders path.

Fish actually willingly bite worms.

Hopefully lots of gear was lost as the bottom structure of the T would eat gear compared to the fraser. Nothing surprises me anymore on sockeye years.
Bottom bouncing on the Thompson was going on long before the "fly" became the tool. How you fish, as long as it is within the legal standard, should be of no concern except to the person fishing.

It is no wonder that the some of the fly fishing community is looked upon as snobs.

Most of us started with a worm, some just haven't reached further.
Different kind of bottom bouncing going on here WAYVIK. Hell, I used to bottom bounce this river many moons ago with a big 4" prawn! What they are doing is "flossing". Yes a 12' leader. Snagging essentially. Its not a species specific tactic but highly effective.

I don't want a big flossing BS debate to go on here. Just pointing out the fact that this form of "fishing" has migrated off the Fraser an into different systems.

The fish (sockeye) are very redded-up, and lots of them. I fished the "graveyard" for an hour to test out a new line and had about 10 fish (sockeye) run into my shins while wading.
They can use the river too, read the regs. When the meat is gone (near 'dead meat') the scissorbills will be gone too. So far only 2 steelhead taken at Albion, so hopefully no steelhead will be flossed on the T. The winds of controversy always shake the tallest trees.
Well instead of *****ing about them why don't you convert them into Thompson River champions?
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