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Hello Mike,

I have one of these. I am going to bore you with some information about the rod though I presume you know all of this. For six years this rod was the back up to an identical 7133. I used the rod for BC steelhead. The line I used was mostly a 480 Airflow Rage. The rod casts, for me, a 540 Skagit or a 510 iSkagit as well. This one is not quite as strong as the BIIIx which I believe is a bit more comfortable with a 510. The handles on the Winstons sometimes develop a wobble or creak. This happened to mine. Last year I sent it back to Winston to get the Handle re glued. I asked them to reset the seat which is the nickel one into the down locking formation and they complied. There is minor scuffing on the sections. The rod tube is pristine and the rod has not been lined since coming back from Winston. I would ask for $500 US plus $15 for shipping. I will pick up the Paypal fees. Please PM me your email for a photo or two.

Thank you

Ken Dayton
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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