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Hey all,

I have a big trip ahead and need to stock up on a few things. As with most things in life, i try and buy second hand to keep a smaller eco footprint. here is my list, thanks for your help

Waders (backup or primary)
Looking for a sz medium or medium long stocking foot wader. I am wearing orvis sonic seam and like them very much. I may just get another pair of these but thought id check. Patagonia? Dan Bailey? Simms? Cabelas? Orvis?

Skandi head: around 435 grains.

Fly boxes: wooden or otherwise. looking to hold dees and classics size 1.5 and larger.

Trade ups:
I have a Speco Circle reel and a Hardy Mark IV Bougle I'd consider trading up to a Saracione, Bogdan, or other classic styled heirloom reel. I know its not common to trade down, but perhaps someone needs a bit of cash and a reel too? Just checking

Other trades:
2wt Sage ZXL setup
Bauer Mac superlight 1 trout reel
Airflo skagit 480grn
Materials (mainly Jungle Cock)

Lets trade or deal!:Eyecrazy:


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