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wtb Scott ARC 1196/4 and Scott t3h 7-8wt

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Must be in new or mint condition.
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Must be original. Still looking.
Must be original. Still looking.
I bought an 1196 and a 1287 right when they were introduced. I sold the 1196 a few years later...dumb move.:(
Already have 1287. Very special skagit rod. I also do have 1196 but looking for a second one as a backup. The rod im also very interested in is 1287 t3h. Anyone?

Looking for Scott Arc 1196 (any style handle but would prefer never version)
T3h any model considered
Possible Fiberhammer as well

Yes... im obsessed with Scott sticks...
T3h 1357/4

I have a T3H 7wt 13'6" in mint condition. Bought it as a backup to One 7136. I've cast it a few times but never clicked with it. Let me know if your interested. I'm happy to send pic. --rod has been sold--
Every time you post I start thinking "maybe I should sell my 1257" and quickly slap myself into submission remembering how much I enjoy that stick with a Skagit! Good luck on your journey of owning every Scott ever made! Let me know if you find one of the mythical 2 hand radians 😁
Ultimate Scandi Radian does exist!
I've heard they only allow Bigfoot to fish it though! :chuckle:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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