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Alright I've never tied flies before and am just trying to tie a single pattern. Wondering if any of you have some spare/excess stuff lying around that you won't use and that I could get on the cheap before I run off to eBay to fill in the holes. I'm only wanting to tie ~20 flies, so I don't want to drop $50+ on a massive thing of hackle when I won't use more than a fraction of it.

Here is what I need:

Rainy's Pee-Wee Popper heads
Mustad 3407 #6 hooks
Gamakatsu "Octopus" #6 hooks
Silver "Holographic" Flashabou
Krystal Flash "Mixed Colors"
Grizzly Hackle
White Icelandic Sheep
Light Olive Icelandic Sheep
Peacock Herl

Let me know what you have,
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