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Hey all,

I recently picked up a Hardy Perfect 1912 reproduction. Its a gorgeous reel with the old styling, and its LHW! Now I'm seeing what all the hardy fuss is about. They feel and sound really good on a long rod...
I have tried to get used to RHW, but the fact is I'm better at LHW.
I would like to find LHW Hardys for the following 3 spey rods:
11'9 4wt
12'9" 6wt
13'3" 7wt

Just checking to see whats out there. PM me if you have something gathering dust that needs to go fishing.

All the best

Matt IM in the same boat brother! The vintage Hardys are quite a bit more in LHW. U should get some PMs from a few of the guys. I did when I was searching. There's some nice reels out there just a big price tag to go with them. Good luck let me know how you make out.
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