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Hey everyone,

I've run out of things to read, and though I've scoured many of the local used bookstores, I haven't come across any good fishing books lately. I'm hoping a few of you out there have some books you've read and wouldn't mind passing onto to a fellow angler!

I've got a list of a few in particular I'm looking for, but if you have others, I'm more than willing to look at buying them from you as well.

Trey Combs - Steelhead Flyfishing
David James Duncan - The River Why
Bill McMillan - Dry Line Steelhead
Bob Arnold - Steelhead Water
Bob Arnold - Steelhead and the Floating Line
Lani Waller - River of Dreams
Ralph Wahl - One Man's Steelhead Shangri-la
John Gierarch - Death, Taxes, and Leaky Waders

I'm aware some of these aren't likely to be found readily available, but never hurts to ask!
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