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Anyone happening to have one of these that's not being used?

For those who might be interested but don't already know, Echo is launching the Shadow II in January. When I saw that I emailed Pete Erickson to ask when they would be available, he said "the new Shadows are more accurately matched up to the line wts. for example, the old shadow pe 11ft 4 wt had a line power rating of about 6.2! while the new Shadow two, 10'6 4wt has a line rating of 4.5."

He also said "it is ironic that the 11ft 4wt sold mostly in Europe as a lite Atlantic Salmon rod, and we sold tons of them in Oregon on the deshutes river for steel-heading."

In any event, if you have one of the older 11' 4wts you're willing to part with, please let me know.
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