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Looking for a line for my sage one 5116 which is on the way.

Airflo Streamer Switch 5wt 360 grains.


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Enjoy the 5116. I picked one up on these pages last year. I've been well pleased. I've
lined the rod a few ways:

Scandi short versitip #5: for the various fixed anchor casts the SVT balances the rod very nicely
in my experience. It also does the snake roll well, even with the densest sink tips.

Skagit: I got introduced to Rio skagits and have just stuck with them, with no attempt to compare
them to others. IN that variety I found the 350 in the ballpark but the 375 in the sweet spot. The
400 went pretty good too.

Indicators: I fished AK last August when large trout were on the egg pattern. I fished beads under
and indicator with a 1-2 bb sized split shot on the Rio Switch line. I found that the #6 Rio Switch line roll casted with that rig beautifully. It's really more of a weight forward single hand line profile. No surprise then that it also casted overhead very well with the line, and that it was easy to mend. I've since experimented with my single hand lines and found a Rio Grande #6 similarly good. I've just started playing with Wulff Ambush which have an integrated shooting head that's more skagit like, and the 325-50 grain seems a promising combo.
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