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With the new nomenclature, I'm not sure about this, but is the Super 8 Std Arbor equivalent to the Big Game No. 3? I have one of those for sale. I have the entire reel, are you looking just for the Spool?

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Abel X Stream

I have a duplicate Abel X-Stream 10, 11, 12-weight reel that I would part with if you are interested.

As I understand it, this is the same reel, form, fit and function, as the Super 8standard arbor reel that you are seeking, previously named the #3. Spools and frames for the Super 8 and #3 reels interchange with this reel.

Abel advertised the X-Stream reels (that were produced in the Abel factory) as a more affordable line of Abel reels. The were produced exactly the same as the high-end reels with the same components and quality. They stopped doing this about 5 years ago, ostensibly due to high demand for their more expensive offerings.

The differences?

1. A tumbled finish and then anodized instead of the hand polishing that goes into the higher-end models.
2. A Delrin handle as opposed to the exotic hand-polished wood handles.
3. Less milled holes.. this slightly increases the weight and made for less machining and labor in the production process.

The drag... smooth as silk! The same world-famous system as in all of the other Abel Big Game Series reels.

The last retail was $405.

In my opinion, this is a world-class reel for salt and freshwater at an amazing price.

Weight: 9.8 ounces
Spool Diameter: 3.9"
Spool width: 1.125"
Single Handed Line capacities: 275 yards of 30# backing with a 10-weight line, 250 yards with an 11-weight and 220 yards with a 12-weight. If you use Spectra, you can more than double these capacities.

I am willing to sell for $225 shipped to the lower 48 and I will absorb the Pay Pal fees. Canada will require exact postage to be paid.

If you are interesed, You can PM or e-mail me
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