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It’s Beatle who bought your line—I saw your classified ad for wanting a larger reel.—I have several Saracione, Farlex, and Hardy Perfect reels, but am in the market for a HEAVY reel to balance my Bruce & Walker 15 and 16 ft. Spey reels.—I purchased one of Joe Saracione NEW Mark5 4 4 3/4 in. ALTA reels weighing in at 19-20 ounces, but need another heavy reel for a backup for an Atlantic Salmon trip to Norway this June.—If you have a “heavy reel”, or suggestions for one, please let me know.—I know that Abel has made some heavy reels for Big-Game saltwater fishing, but am uncertain which models to look for?—Id prefer a reel with a good solid drag, and NOT a “click and Pawl” reel for the larger Salmon in the early season on the Gaula River


Beatle Abshagen
Durango, Colorado
1 - 3 of 3 Posts