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WTB 11'-12' 7-8 wt...Scierra, Guideline, Loop, Whatev:)

Interested in a used or like new rod for smaller rivers. Preferably 11-12 ft. 7/8 wt two handed model.

I owned a Scierra HMS v2 11'9 7/8 which I purchased from Jack Cook, who gave me a great deal on a Scierra package. I loved the feel, weight, and size/length was perfect. Also loved the feel of an old Loomis GLX classic which now is in Denmark. Might consider a switch rod for the Great Lakes tribs I fish. I would really love an exact replacement for the Scierra but they are rare. I was learning using the MWF scandi type shooting head as well as the vision ace, guideline "swede", etc. Would like to get a medium-fast rod like the HMS that is reasonably priced. If you have a matched line(s) or even a "package" you are selling you are I would consider something like that too.

my email:
[email protected]

Thanks for your consideration and to speypages!

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