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Hi Speypagers.
I've got this rod and I don't use it enough to justify. It's a CANNON. It's got a few skuffs and stuff but nothing terrible. Comes with original tube and sock. $325

all for this rod.

SGS intermediate skagit. 600 grain, 28'. Just the head. I use this for getting deep. 15' of t-17 and a worm weight deep. it turns all that crap over just fine. and the loops don't break when it all gets caught on bottom. cast about 3 occasions. $35

SGS Spey. 52.5' and 675gn. casts really nicely. Cast 1 time then spooled and stored. $45

I also have an old Delta short 9/10. it's the Multi tip line. I'm keeping the tips, unless you need them badly. brand new. never cast. $55

$425 for the whole deal plus shipping. I will part it out.

Nikon D300.
This camera is MINT. 12600 count on the shutter, well taken care of, very clean. shutter rated to go to 150k.
Original box and manuals. small upgrade for the LCD display covers.
I can sell it with an 18-70 AFS lens for $375 plus shipping. It's a nice, compact, sharp setup.

email preferred.
[email protected]
or call me.

905 650 seven five seven zero

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