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Ok, I'll admit it, I'm not real bright and actually a bit on the un-gifted side. From one of our sponsors, I recently purchased a RIO WindCutter 6/7/8, amoung other things. I'm lost, due to my being a beginner in the two-hand world.

Ok, here's the low-down;

I think I got the line thing, the green section is running line, the yellow portion is the "casting" portion. But the tips are confusing, for me.

Here what is in the wallet:

(3) Charcoal color tips, 1 has a grey butt w/ 1 bold & two narrow bar-code. 1 has a green butt w/ 1 bold 3 narrow. And 1 yellow butt w/ 1 bold two narrow.
In addition to this, there is a clear tip (section) and a grey tip (section).

Can you help me?

Best regards,

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Don't sweat it man!!!

There should be chart in the tip wallet that explains the tips. Also, the "bar coding" on the tips let's you know the line weight the tip correspnds to.

So, you bought a 678 WC, each "bold' represents a 5 and each "narrow' represents a 1. So one bold and two narrows means that the tip corresponds to a 7 wt line and so on. Rio marks their lines with the middle number being the what weight rod the line optimzes with. So in other worlds a 678 should run with a 7wt rod, but not always...another thread.

The tips you have have a color coded weld that goes with each sink rate/type that is on the card or can be found easily on their website. The grey line is the compensator that replaces tip II for more consistent bucket time and helps keep the sink tip at a more diagonal attitude related to the floating portion of the line, it really works well actually.

Check out thsi link for an explanation;

Man I gotta get back to my homework!!!!

Hope this helps and remember, we all started somewhere!:)
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