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I'm looking for a Gamakatsu hook Code No. is
66471 DOUBLE 21 NS 6 : last number "6" stand for size of hook.

Therefore NS8 NS6 NS4 these three sizes should cover most of Salmon fishing I think.

Does anyone know of a UK supplier?

Re: Gamakatsu hook
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Doc, if you can't get them 'over there,' let me know and I'll get them here and ship them over to you. But that said, are you sure you've got the right 'hook/number?' Ran the above through Google and came up with a big goose egg on 'hits.'

Re: Gamakatsu hook
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Thanks, but I have looked on the USA site and cannot find them there either.
This looks like it

001-008 Hook Double 21 NS

w ww.gamakatsu.nl/html/default-english.htm

Anyone seen this double hook? As noted above, when I 'Googled' it I came up with a large 'goose egg.' Nothing, Nada.

Malcolm did put a picture of same up with his second post above, so they must make same, but not sell in the US?
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