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Wild Steelhead and Salmon Mag

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Just read a post by JD on the "destinations" board and it got me thinking about this great "old" mag. Towards the end things were starting to get a little repetitive and silly ("the fly girls?") but the first year was great, and there were moments of brilliance every few issues throughout the mag's life. I still go back and re-read Pete Soverel's Skagit article, the Bob York piece by Don Roberts, Jim Vincent's Greased Line how-to, and Tom McGuane's "Fly Fishing the Evil Empire," and a host of others. I actually still have all of my issues stacked on the floor beside the nighttable.

I'm with you JD--I miss it, too...
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A full page add does not necessarily mean full page revenue. All magazines go through a period of time when they are prepared to get a look that will generate the distribution numbers to eventualy bring in the revenue.
The large format was very nice from a design point of view but was not good for expense.
Look at what Schmookler is charging for his new mag. It too is beautiful but can it make it in the long run?
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