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Wild Steelhead and Salmon Mag

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Just read a post by JD on the "destinations" board and it got me thinking about this great "old" mag. Towards the end things were starting to get a little repetitive and silly ("the fly girls?") but the first year was great, and there were moments of brilliance every few issues throughout the mag's life. I still go back and re-read Pete Soverel's Skagit article, the Bob York piece by Don Roberts, Jim Vincent's Greased Line how-to, and Tom McGuane's "Fly Fishing the Evil Empire," and a host of others. I actually still have all of my issues stacked on the floor beside the nighttable.

I'm with you JD--I miss it, too...
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Fish & Fly not Wild Steelhead and Salmon

I didn't start getting Wild Steelhead & Salmon until the last two subscription years, but it was definitely the best magazine out there. I got the new magazine, Fish & Fly, for another year or two (?) and then did not renew. In my opinion it is any of the other fly fishing magazines out there wrapped in the WS&S cover. I was not too impressed, although I will still pick the magazine up in the store if their is a good salmon or steelhead article. I must say that I still find the writing in the new magazine to be the best of all of the publications, but most of the subject matter is of little interest to me.

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