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Tied this sucker in hand, on a reasonably sized hook, as a mixed wing, as it should be tied.

Bit miffed about the head, it should be wool, but after wrapping everything down, i wasnt too enamored, so i didnt bother to wool it. However after varnishing, it's not too bad for size/shape etc considering i used gossamer throughout (thick stuff)

Wing was built in two stages. First one was put on, and that would have been it but it was too shallow, so i flooded the head are with cellire, and left it over night. Next bunch went on after wrapping back to about 3 wraps, and the same process followed again, cellire then leave overnight.

I trimmed the wing butts too square, so lost a bit of shape at the front of the head as i couldnt get the heavily waxed thread to grip it, even with flatter uni 6/0.

I'll probably chop this one and retie in the vise for a better finish, or at least replace the wing in the vise.

The eye is silver wire.

Input welcome....


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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