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Hi there,

Does anyone have any experience with Nextcast WA55 for old B&W Ghillie Powerlite Speycaster 15' #10 ? When compared to Meiser Classic 15' 9/10/11 and CND Sakura 15'3'' 9/10/11 the Powerlite Speycaster looks one number heavier to me.

I've tested that rod with WA45 in 10/11 and it was good for me for lets say medium load of the rod for short line work, but no fun at all, that rod looks of being capable in much much more. Thinking of going for WA55 and I like light/medium load of the rod when using mostly touch and go casts. WA 70 would be a bit too long for my fishing.

Anny comments would be appreciated!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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