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Hello all,
My name is Ryan and I am a steelhead addict.
Any way, just got a T&T DH 1409-3 which will have a waterworks force 4 for a reel and was wondering if anyone could help with which line would do the best for me. This rod will be use for swinging flies behind heavy tips.(type 8, BB 300, or density comp.+ type 6 or 8) Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced.
Tight lines,

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I would match it with either the RIO 8/9 MidSpey with interchangeable tips, or the 8/9 Long Delta with interchangeable tips. I have a preference for the RIO because it includes the density compensator in the package. With either of these lines, this rod will cast farther than most people would ever want to fish.

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I own this rod and use the following lines:

8/9 midspey with tips

10/11 Delta long floater - I think Airflo has changed this line this year so maybe the 9/10 will be the one you wnat but my 2 year old 10/11 rocks with this rod

8/9 Airflo Traditonal floater - My favorite line on this rod. A lot of fun to cast.

I am really starting to enjoy this rod now that my casting has improved. For heavy tips though you may want to look into getting a Wincutter or Delta with tips. Will make it much easier to pull those heavy tips out of the water. I really only use this rod with floating lines and lighter tips. I have not found it to be that great for a heavy tip rod. But for floating line work there is nothing better.

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