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So I've tried my Loop Blackline 11'2 line 7/8 (it is now sold in the Blueline series): it casts quite well a Loop custom M (see chart in Loop Catalog). A real delight!

Now, I've received further information about the river I'm going to fish for sewin this summer, it is about 15 (sometimes 10) to about 20 to 25metres wide and it has medium high banks; the river is difficult to wade, so local fishermen fish from the banks. They use double taper floating with sink tip lines, and roll cast a lot ...
So, should I choose to use a DT line on that river, what number should I take for my Blackline? A DT 7 or a DT 8 ? I have no experience with DT lines, only used WF or shooting head on very large rivers up to now, so thanks in advance for your help and advice !

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