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A couple of buddies and I have the last week of February off to go do some steelheading but we can't decide where we want to go. We usually fish the North Umpqua but we want to experience some new water. We are maybe thinking some of the Oly Pen. rivers but since we have never fished up there before I don't know what it will be like at that time of year. The Skagit, Hoh, Sky? Where would you guys suggest? If we decide to go up to the Oly Pen. how hard of a time are we going to have finding water to fish? We have a couple of driftboats but is the water fairly easy to drift for newbies to the river? Sorry for all the questions but we need to get this nailed down fairly quickly.

-- Shannon

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The Skagit and Sky are not difficult to float and will pose no problems for anyone who has even just a little time on the oars. The Hoh is likewise very straightforward and will pose no difficulties, just pay attention for possible log jams and you will be fine. The Bogey from the hatchery (truthfully from Hwy 101 down) down is also very straightforward and will pose no difficulties.

However, if you are thinking about fishing the Sol Duc, you will find some places that can be difficult, especially if you have never floated it before. And forget floating the Calahwa because it has some very tough sections due to sweepers, very tight spots, and some class II/IV rapids depending on the section.

Access is fairly easy to find on all these rivers too and especially on the OP rivers, you could very easily walk into most of the good water.

As far as which is better the last week of February, pretty much take your pick. If you want to fish big water, the Skagit is the one, if you want to fish more intimate water, the Sol Duc, Bogey, or Hoh are the way to go.

You also got a PM from me.
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