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I suspect that he is off fishing; which, I suggest, is a very good thing for a rod maker to do. :chuckle: Leave a message and he will get back to you. I recently left a message about another rod order and he called me back when he returned to town.


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Hey Joe,

Been returning your messages but your server is kicking me back, and have been keeping my phone chats to a minimum right now.

....But I'd expect a package on Monday/Tues.

Have only had a small bit of time to work on our bamboo 12 footer since we last talked.....Trying to get as many projects out as I can well before XMas to avoid shipping hassals.

I do now have the seat and grips on, and have tapped on guides for static test.

Had her on the river last weekend for a couple of hours, and as I expected, she is as sweet as honey <> Tons of power.

Really likes a long belly DT...One of Beulah's 560s.

I'll forward a few images when she's done.

You did a wonderful job with this rod Joe.


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Yo Bob--

Thanks for getting back to me.

Anyone who is in the market for a spey rod or any fishing rod should notice the fine service that Mr. Meiser is displaying here. He's a class act in every way, though you probably already knew that!

Good on you Bob,

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