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Tomorrow is the Hallmark Holiday known as Father's Day. My two sons took my wife and I out for dinner tonight. We are so proud of them which is just how parents should feel. When they arrive in our life we think we can mold them but creating a fisherman is not so easy.

When my oldest was five or six I took him out to the Feather River to fish for steelhead or actually to watch me fish for steelhead. In no time he was bored watching me cast repetitively with no results and wanted to go home. There were spent salmon on the bar, some of them pretty ripe. I took out my pocket knife and dissected one of the "fresher" fish showing him the gills, the heart, the shrunken stomach the bones and explained each to him. Then I gave him my knife and set him to work on a corpse of his choosing and waded back out. He went at it with a will. When we got back home his mother was appalled by my choice of babysitters and her reeking first child.

He learned to fish but never found the predator spirit that all fishermen share. Thirty years later he is a little squeamish about slimy things and maybe I contributed to that. As parents we make a lot of mistakes but mostly our kids forgive us for them.

A rare float on the Dolores with the boys. Keeping their slalom boats race ready was a challenge.

Water Boat Paddle Lake Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies

The Middle Fork of the Salmon. Number one son rowed the kitchen barge.

Water Boat Watercraft Plant community Mountain

I could out fish them but never out paddle them.
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