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Recently I acquired a Wheatley salmon fly box that had a few of the #5 clips not holding the fly hooks securely. The following steps were successfully completed to avoid replacing the clips, drilling out the rivets and peening new rivets holding the new clips.

1) Insert a piece of shim stock under the clip. I used 0.008" (~0,2 mm) thick stock. An automotive feeler gauge would do the job just fine. This was used to protect the backing plate from scratches.
2) Insert a piece of wire between the clip and the shim stock. I used an Alec Jackson #1.5 heavy wire hook (Daiichi #2061). It measured 0.048" (~1,2 mm) at the bend.
3) Place the hook as close to the existing rivet as possible and press the clip down to the shim stock with your finger. This yields the clip and places a permanent reverse bend in the clip, placing it against the backing plate.
4) Remove the hook and then remove the shim stock.
5) The resulting clip will have a very slight hump and it will hold flies. The hump is hardly noticeable.

The picture attached shows the setup ready to be pressed down.

I hope this helps to salvage your loose #5 fly clips. If you have a problem with the large #7 clips, I would suggest using an AJ #1.5 thin wire hook (Daiichi #2051).



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