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What's your take on a Marquis Salmon #2

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I just picked up a Hardy Marquis Salmon #2 with spare spool. Waiting for it to come in the mail. Just curious what the consensus was on this reel. I love the Hardy's I already have. Just curious if it's as good a spey reel as I've heard. Going to be using it for a 7wt rod. Just curious on people who have them or have used them. Figured it was a cheap way to go over the price of "spey" reels I priced.
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Love the sound of these things when it's 'fish on'

time. Heavy, no drag of any kind, but the 'sound' of these reels can not be matched by any other equipment. If it weren't for that, they'd make great paper weights.
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I love my marquis reels and although I have owned many other reels of much greater value I always go back to the Hardys, it is tough to beat simplicity and beauty and that noise they make is just intoxicating. The salmon 2 might take allot more backing than you would imagine with a 7wght line.
The first reel I purchased for a double hander was a Hardy Marquis No. 2 and that was almost twenty years ago. It has given me faithful service ever since, although I use it only intermittently now. The drag is a joke, but you can palm the raised rim effectively, and it certainly suffices for steelhead.

The reel will do the job -- but that's about as far as it goes. Compared to the Salmon Perfects and other old Hardy's, the Marquis series is, to put it plainly, junk. Plastic knobs, stamped rackets, weakly riveted parts, sloppy machining (the spool wobbles and binds slightly), etc. Unless you have the anodized finish, don't use it anywhere near salt water.

The Marquis 2 does hold a lot of line. I have a 40 yd, 10 wt. double taper spooled on mine with some 200 yards of 30 lb backing, and there's still room under the bars. This is a good "starter" reel and should serve you well until you start throwing your money away on the "collectables."

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I suppose that a lot of people consider the marquis series to be junk today, but I've used them for over 30 years. Yes, the drag isn't as strong as a lot of reels today, but in my opinion, for most fishing, a stronger drag isn't really reguired. I've used my marquis reels for everything from bluegills to roosterfish. I've caught dorado, 35 lb atlantic salmon, false albacore, bonefish, you name it. The drag is fine because the reels have palming rims. Never had one fail. The only fish I don't use them for is tarpon. I think they're fine reels. I probably have 10 of them in different size with probably a dozen extra spools. The cost of that many reels/spools in today's machined pieces of "jewelry" would have cost me many, many fishing trips. I'd rather be fishing. I'm happy to see them available at reasonable prices on auction. And, I've used them in salt water for many years. Just rinse them out at the end of every day. Not a trace of corrosion on any of them.
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I must say the quality of the hardy's isn't the best. That said they are about all I use. I have a I, II, and III as back ups to my Perfects. I haven't found the drag to leave too much to be desired (with the palming rim). These reels provide a little additional excitement, being you can't really on the drag itself to stop a hard running fish. my $.02 99 of a 100 steelhead don't need a disk drag.


That's what I wanted to know. So it'll suit me just fine. :)

I don't use alot of drag on my reels. Have just enough not to do a backlash effect. I have heard about them, and wanted one for my 7wt spey rod. Will be loading with a 7/8wt Rio WC. From the sounds of it, I'll be well then ok. I mostly use old SA Hardy's anyways. Most people call them junk, but I like them, and haven't failed me on the Steelhead/Salmon I've caught with them. But I have drags set just to a point where the fish feels it. But I rarely ever palm a reel unless a fish is really spooling line. I like simplicity. Not alot to go wrong. Not going to use it in the salt, so I'm safe there. My other Hardy's have served me well, they're basically the Marquis's anyways. Just had only heard about the Salmon 1, 2, and 3, but never seen one.

Got the reel

She's a beauty. In damned good shape. Spare spool loaded with enough backing to load line on without adding. The Main spool is preloaded with a full sinking WF10S cortland with backing (I had no idea). So, will be loading other spool w/backing only with the Rio Midspey 7/8 I'm buying. Will be putting it on my 7136 I'm buying shortly.

It's simple, just the way I like my reels. Looks like an oversized System 8 SA's I use. Never had problems with them, so feel confident using this Marquis #2.
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I'm not going to spend money unless its the Salmon 2...awesome reels
Most people call them junk, but I like them, and haven't failed me on the Steelhead/Salmon I've caught with them. But I have drags set just to a point where the fish feels it. But I rarely ever palm a reel unless a fish is really spooling line. I like simplicity.
I have switched my steelhead reels over to Bougles but agree that it's hard to beat a a Salmon. Probably should have kept the Salmon 2 that I had. Mark
Love em. I especially like that they are so simple, immersible, and field fixable - they simply don't have unexpected problems. Its not true there is no drag - the drag is in your hand, where God intended it to be! LOL
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