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What weight windcutter?

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I am currently fishing the Sage 8150 my timing sucks so I really need to feel the rod loading, what weight windcutter should I be using? There are three different lines that all include an 8 in the line description. Thanks
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If you want to feel the rod load and are set on a windcutter then the 8-9-10 is the one you want. I also own this rod and have fished this windcutter setup on it and it works fine. If you are sold on a short bellied line, you might also want to look at the Airflo Delta Spey. I have heard nothing but good things about these lines.

If you might be interested in a little longer belly then I would consider the 8/9 Midspey (to really feel the rod load) or the 7/8 for a faster action feel. The Airflo Long Delta would also be worth looking at.

For what its worth, my favorite on the 8150 is the 8/9 Accelerator. Good luck with the rod, it is one of the finest rods I have ever cast and is my favorite of the ones I own.

Mid Spey versus Accelerator

Sinktip, you posted:

"If you might be interested in a little longer belly then I would consider the 8/9 Midspey (to really feel the rod load) or the 7/8 for a faster action feel. The Airflo Long Delta would also be worth looking at.

For what its worth, my favorite on the 8150 is the 8/9 Accelerator. Good luck with the rod, it is one of the finest rods I have ever cast and is my favorite of the ones I own."

What do you feel are the advantages of the Accelerator over the MidSpey?

Does that hinge tip on the regular Accelerator ever cause any problems.

The reason, I'm asking is that I have a new Sage 7141, and it does a good job with the Windcutter 6/7/8 with the upgrade section in it. It booms out my MidSpey 6/7. A friend who is really into Spey fishing says that I should try it with the Accelerator line recommended for it by Simon.

Thanks sharing your knowledge with we newbies.
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What you're asking gets into the Ford v. Chevy area of personal preference. As you may have already noticed here on the boards, there is nothing that ignites a passionate debate like the issue of shooting head v. long bellied lines. I tend to fall into the long bellied camp but have been experimenting lately with the middle ground mid-spey type lines and definetly see their advantages in certain situations. With that disclamer out of the way, here goes my opinions.

Advantages of the Accelerator over the Mid-spey:
This boils down simply to not needing to strip line. I rarely need to cast out over the 76' head of the Accelerator for most of the fishing I do. If I do, you can still shoot line. Some people don't mind stripping and shooting, I prefer not to. Especially in ice cold weather, this is a real bonus.

The Power Hinge:
While I am not a huge fan of the power hinge, it is not a big hindrance either. A large part of the fishing I do with the 8150 is with tips. A couple years ago, acting on Dana's suggestion, I cut back the Accelerator 16' and looped it. With this setup, the power hinge is removed except for when I have the floating section looped back on.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a bundle!!

Without saying how you have helped me, because I already feel like a complete idiot and don't really want to look like one too, or maybe the damage is already done:) , I would like to say thank you very much for solving a problem that I was having with reagards to casting a windcutter line this spring!! Now I can't wait for fall to get out and try casting again. Maybe I'll have to see how smallmouth like swinging flies!!

Thanks again,
MidSpey Versus Accelerator

Sinktip, thank you for sharing with us.

I'm at the bottom rung in beginning in this confusing but great way to fly fish, using the Spey Rods.

However, thanks to a local friend, I got converted early to your technique of not shooting and stripping the line. It makes life so much easier for a 63 year old with a the body of an 73 year old.

That is why I like the Mid Spey over the Wind Cutter. You just cast, mend and let it drift downstream and cast again.

I'm sure that the Accelerator makes it even easier. I don't understand why they put the power hinge into their formula even with the floating line.

I'm in the process of ordering the Sage 10151 for Salmon fishing in Northern California Rivers, and the Oregon Coastal Salmon Rivers. Do you feel that the Accelerator line with sinking tips would be better than the Mid Spey for the Salmon Fishing?

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WindCutter Upgrade

Mike B, Sinktip, Surfer

I 'm no where near the status and knowledge of Sinktip, however there may be an easy and economical way to handle your problem with your current WindCutter.

I have/had the Sage 7136 with the WindCutter 6/7/8 with the interchangeable tips.

Recently I bought the Sage Euro 7141 and was told not to buy any new lines until I tried it with my old lines. It hummed the 6/7 Mid Spey without tips out in moderate to fast River Flows.

However, it didn't seem to be loading properly with the Windcutter 6/78 with the floating tip and intermediate clear tip.

A friend said to buy the 6/7/8 Windcutter upgrade and try it.

Well, it worked great. I replaced the shorter section with the new 30 foot section and heavier section.

With the Windcutter upgrade, the new Rod does a great job. Also, as Sinktip pointed out, the more line that you don't have strip and shot, the easier life is for me at least on the river.

So you might want to try the Windcutter Upgrade. It may work and at less money than a new line.
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Not sure if an Accelerator would be better for Salmon or not. I would think that would depend on the river, the tips and the rod you are fishing. If you are going for kings then this usually means heavy tips, flies or tubes, or a combination of both. Given these paramaeters, you might be better served to stick with the mid-spey as this should handle tips better then the Accelerator.

When casting heavy tips, even though I am not a fan, the Windcutter is hard to beat. I'm sure there are a number of people on the board who can explain the physics of it but it boils down to having the grains concentrated in a short length so as to turn over the heavy tip. Given this logic, I would guess the MS would outperform the Accelerator just as the WC would outperform the MS.

I mentioned above that I use a cutback Accelerator for tips on my 8150, but this is for tips only up to 155 grains (Type VI 15' Rio or Airflo).

One word of caution on the A-upgrade. Be careful you don't overload you rod. The upgrade adds a high number of grains to your line and if the rod handles it fine with the factory WC, it is likely the upgrade will be too much. This is especially true of softer action rods such as the old Sage 9140-4.

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Kings in California and SW Oregon

I will be fishing the Sacramento (lower), Feather, Yuba, American and Klamath Systems this summer and early fall. All of the rivers are subject to heavy water releases during this time. The flies will be size 2 to 6 with weighted eyes or lead wrapped bodies to get down in the water. Sinking tips and fairly heavy tippets will be used.

Most guides on these rivers during these king runs will not allow you to fish for kings with less than a 10 weight rod. Even a 3 foot hole or slot will have the water really running fast due to the summer releases. If the fish don't wreck your eight or nine weight in the first run or take all your line in the first few minutes, you will probably be wrecked.

This fall I will be fishing the Smith, Chetco and Rogue (lower and upper). The flows will be more moderate, but the fish will be deep in most of these areas. Last fall a couple of hot/fresh run Silvers were too much for my 7136. The 10151 rod should be great for the Silvers this fall on the Rogue and maybe the Umpqua.

I am ordering a Sage Euro 10151 for this fishing.

If the rod, reel, line and I hold up this fall/winter, I want to try it on Rogue Springers next spring.

I had thought about the Mid Spey with tips for this rod, and now I will probably order it.

Thanks again.

PS: Re the Windcutter Upgrade, it did overwhelm my 7136. However, it made the 6/7/8 Windcutter a great line with the 7141 rod. That was my point to the other fellows with WindCutters not loading their rods. Adding the upgrade, their windcutters just might perform very well. Saves a lot of money if that works out.
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Re: WindCutter Upgrade

Grampa Spey said:
I 'm no where near the status and knowledge of Sinktip...
Grampa Spey-
Nobody is anywhere near the status and knowledge of Sinktip!!!! :chuckle:
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