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Im going to be buying a new reel and after looking far and wide I realized that with all the fancy reels and hi priced gems, the answer was in my reel bag. Ive been using a CLA2 on my 4wt for years and its been flawless so after considering all the other makes such as Hatch, Tibor, Snowbee, Islander, it just makes sense to stick with a good solid reel and support a company that makes quality products at a decent price. This reel is going to be my saltwater reel for my 12' 6/7 spey off the beaches and will be lined with an Airflo Sniper 9wt 40+ I recently bought. Now the question is, is a CLA 5 enough or do I go up a size to the CLA6? I'd love to hear from some of the experienced guys here that have or have had the CLA reels. Thanks in advance, Ed
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