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It seems to me that my 450 Skagit is sinking a lot more lately, like about 2/3 of the Head with 15' of type 8 Rio tip or 12' of Rio's Powerflex leaders with the 7 ips sink rate. I have using a size 4 or bigger Striper flies.

The area I cast and time two hours after high tide doesn't have a lot down river movement, and that may cause the line to sink.

I clean my Skagit lines with soap and water after every use and then clean them with 303 Aerospace Protectant after 3-4 uses. My local river where I cast has been very dirty for about two months with the heavy rains. The Skagits due to their bigger diameter seem to grab a lot more dirt than my other Spey lines.

What is the normal sinkage of the Skagit heads on a cast with a type 8 tip and good size fly with barbell eyes?

Is what I described above re the sinking of the head normal? :confused:
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