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Even though I'm new at this can I answer?

Ummmm, being a wuss?

Even though I talked about thinking ballet rather than football while casting you need to be assertive while casting. That means a clean lift. If you don't get the line up off the water during the lift you'll have to force it into a D loop. It is unlikely that you will be able to cast consistantly ripping the line into a D loop. Most time it will land in a heap next to you or completely fly behind you.

Even if you get a clean lift you still have to get the line moving behind you into a D loop. If you don't put enough oomph into the back cast you will get a D loop that collapses behind you on the water. Then you will be forced to rip the line off the water to get it out there. (Or, you can act like you ment to do it and transition into a double. ;) ) If you are throwing a long line you will need extra oomph to get a good D loop.

If all has gone well with the lift and back cast the rod should be well loaded and it is just a matter of flipping the loop out there. If anything the effort required is less with each step in the cast. The lift takes the most effort, the backcast a bit less and the forward cast the least.
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