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Kicking around the idea of holding a line welding workshop at my house for five guys one Saturday toward the beginning of December.

Cost would be $50.00 and participants would be encouraged to bring their fly lines along to be welded. If they have a heat gun, they can bring that also.

I have two heat guns, loads of clear heat shrink and loads of scrap fly line for practicing.

The workshop would last two to three hours and we will cover all of the sorts of welds we're likely to use.

I'm in Hagersville which is about 1 1/2 hours from London, an hour from Kitchener, 45 minutes from Burlington and half an hour from Hamilton.

Coffee and some of my my wife's baking will keep us going.

Just need a quick poll right now of who may be interested.

Message me via PM . . . or post any questions here.
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