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If you are seeing this board it means you are a speypages supporter for 2005 and I want to thank you for your contribution!

This board is set up differently from the other sections of the speyclave in that it is read only--you can't post in here. You can download all of the articles and video clips. Right now you have access to the complete article archive in their publication order beginning with the most recent one, as well as all of the current speypages video files. I will be a adding a lot of video over the coming months as I'd like to have 100+ clips available here by the end of 2005. Let me know via email to [email protected] if you have any ideas about how to make the members only section even better!

Some folks have emailed wondering why the articles and videos have disappeared from the subscriber section. To make them reappear scroll down to the bottom of the section (for example the videos section) until you see "display options." Below that you will see "sorted by" and "from the" with drop down menu buttons next to them. Click the drop down menu and select "Beginning" and then click on the "show threads" button the missing stuff will reappear.

Some of the files might be password protected. If you encounter one of these the password is "speypages" without the quotation marks.
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