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The good folks at the 2006 Emerald World Masters are our latest Speypages Sponsors! Check out their website for exciting news about the Casting Championships in early September in Ireland. This Big Guns of the casting world are lining up to attend, which looks to make this one of the Gotta Be There events of the year!

Watch for their banner on these pages soon.

Thanks to the Emerald World Masters for supporting Speypages and best of luck to all competitors!

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Emerald World Masters

I was lucky enough to be at Markree Castle in Sligo last weekend to witness the Irish qualifiers for this event,and what a glorius weekend it was with the temperatures on Friday and Saturday reaching a scorching 30 degrees with blistering sunshine.
A brand new purpose built lake had been built specially for the event,with a choice of platforms to suit the following breeze,what a great set up with excellent rigid platforms,and the judges could walk along the ropes as it was only 12 inches deep.
It was great to watch all the events that are involved in the EWM and ICSF,as some of these were totally new to me,but I witnessed some magnificent casting from a lot of very dedicated guys,who were all suffering badly from the hot weather out on the platforms.
Day 1 was taken up with the on water events e.g. Speycasting Salmon distance,grass Tournament 18 footers and Tournament Trout,it made splendid viewing,with some fantastic casting,well done to everyone involved,a special mention to the guys who made it happen, and done all the hard work and preparation,especially Brendan Begley,Russell Whiteman,Jim Creghan,Cahill Dohertyand Derek Doyle,without you guys there would be no show.Jim I will speak to the guy who sold you the Carron line and get him to replace it for you with a longer head,its too short.I wonder if any of you can recognise yourselves in this picture without all your joinery equipment.

I met a lot of talented casters over the course of the weekend,some familiar faces and some new ones to me,I would like to say a special thank you to Robert Gillespie who introduced me to a lot of people over the course of the weekend in between his busy schedule of teaching and demonstrating.

There was some great casting over the weekend,from the 5 INCA guys pictured above,also a special mention to guys like Gerard Downey,Declan Hughes,Ruiairi Costello,Robert Gillespie,Vincent McDonald(I hope your hand grows back to normal size again and you will be able to remove some of that gold and you will cast 10 yards further:smokin: ) Mr Maynooth himself "The Casting Machine" Gerard Coyle,Michael Egan,Ladies division Hazel Fahey,Karen Whiteman and a special mention to Betty Hayes.I think that was everybody.
I would like to say a hearty congratulations to an up and coming star of the future in the casting scene,Aaron Eubank you certainly are a teeenager with a future keep up the casting and dont spend all the prize money you won in the pub,:tsk_tsk: well done
I am sure that all the Irish talent on display over the weekend will give a good account of themselves at the EWM and ICSF at Carton House in September,Good Luck to you all.
Day 2 was have a go day with the public having their chance to take part in the competitions,there was some fierce competition especially in the female class,it was really good to see them pushing the men out of the way to get their cards in and have a go,sprinting to the platform:hihi: Trout accuracy has got to be the best competition for the spectator to watch,it takes you all your time to keep up with it,especially when the likes of Brendan Begley is on form.
I managed to win the Speycasting competition on the Sunday,well done to everyone who took part and made it a very interesting day.Michael Egan won the Salmon overhead,and Aaron Eubank won all the junior classes.

Yours Truly getting presented 1st prize from INCA President Brendan Begley

James Chalmers
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