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Haven't made wax, but Ive made taffy with my mom when I was a kid. (My mother makes Martha Stewart look like an amateur).

Taffy is pulled on a marble slab, in cool weather. We always did it in the fall, cooking up the taffy in the kitchen, then going out on the porch to pull it. It is pulled on a marble slab as it provides the coolness to keep the tackiness at a level that isn't a problem. I think it would work well with this, as the wax looks very similar. Just lay the rolled up wax on the marble, trap one end under the heel of your hand, lift and pull the other end away. Then fold it back over on itself, reverse hand positions, and repeat. And repeat, again. More. Some more. More. Oh you're not done yet, young man. Keep at it.

My mom is awesome, and always made it fun, but the pulling is dull as hell after the first five minutes. There were seven of us kids and we only made taffy a couple times because we all burned out during the pulling phase.

But I think a marble slab, outside on a cool day, would make the pulling go much better.

I use the slab now to prep wax for sculpture work.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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