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okay, curious and obsessive as I am (but that's why ya hired me, right?) rather than sleep tonight I dug out my F4 and my XLTs and spooled 'em up to see if the reel would hold 'em. Keeping in mind that both lines (8/9; 9/10) needed a little tweaking (I cut off some of the back taper on both lines--too long--and replaced the factory running line--too chubby--with better stuff, and fixed up the front taper of the 9/10), and that the reel has @ 200 yards of standard 30# Dacron, here's what I discovered:

1. XLT 8/9: my customized version is 140ft long and the F4 holds it with room to spare;

2. XLT 9/10: my customized version is 150ft long and the F4 holds it comfortably.

So Juro clearly the F4 is a good choice in a large arbor reel for your requirements--ignore my previous worries and suggestions about gsp.

Watersprite, looking at the specs of the Velocity at


it looks like the Velocity is smaller than the F4. Still, if you are prepared to back off a little on your amount of backing (go with 150 yards and you might want to seriously consider gsp) and aren't adverse to cutting back your XLT a little if you don't think you'd need 130ft, you might be okay, but that's just a guess as I don't have a Velocity to check for you. The Litespeed is probably a better choice as it is closer in size to the F4 but not as pricey.

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Nice and timely - big Thanks, Dana.

Although I really like my current crop of large arbor Tiogas, I just have to try out the Lamson Velocity because of the favor expressed in this forum and because of the "perceived" larger capacity over the Tioga LA. I'm not too keen on the regular arbor reel recommendation wishing to keep the large arbor design advantages.

As to cutting 10 or 20 ft. off the rear of the XLT; I've considered such a move. I'll be casting to the 110 ft. mark about the same year that Studebaker brings out a new car lineup!:eek:

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