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Water Master raft?

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I am thinking of purchasing one of these and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these.
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Fishing from...

... the Abel/Water Master style boats require you wear fins. I just use my boats, I own one of each, to get to point A to B. As for taking down the rod, I leave mine up and rigged with the rod tip out past the bow of the boat. I back into the beach/shore on the runs I want to fish.

Sleepy Weasel - If you're looking for a boat for the salt that you fold up and put away, look at Avon/Zodac style boats. They can be car topped/folded and stored in the vehicle/trailered. The Abel/WM style boats don't have floors to stand in and cast. Love mine!!
Two things...

...to note about the differences between the two boats: The Abel has the inflatable seat - way more comfortable than the wood seat of the WM, and second, the Abel boat seams to be made of a heavier material that doesn't flex as much as the WM. This means that if you really need to get on your oars you can, but a pontoon may be even better than the Abel/WM style boat. The WM does have better construction re. the front foot rest, however my Abel is an older boat, so Steve may changed that part of his design. That Tote 'n Float would be a great buy.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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