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Wanted: Spey tying classes

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Hi everyone, I love all the flies tied here. I have been tying flies for over 20 years and tie mainly flies for trout, salt and steelhead fishing.
I really would like to start tying some of the traditional spey and dee flies and work my up to some of the beautiful salmon flies seen on this site.
Are there any "traditional"tying classes available on the west coast this winter?
Live in Reno and willing to drive or fly to seminars or class on this topic.
Let me know any of your thoughts.
Thanks Mike
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I'm no instructor or anything like that but I have the knowledge of what should be done (even if I can't always execute it!) I live in Bend but it's looking like Medford may be my new home soon. If you ever make it up this way give me a shout, I'd be happy to wrap some feathers with you!
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