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Hi, looking for a Scott ARC 956/4 (9'6" 6wt 4pc) factory rod in very good to excellent condition. I'm really looking for this specific model, and not something similiar.
- Yeah, I know...I missed the one in the post below...

- Really looking for this specific model, and not a similar model
- I have the following rods I could trade if someone has this Scott ARC and is looking for something a little different:
* Sage RPL 590-4 (9' 5wt 4pc)
* Thomas & Thomas HS 906S-4 (9' 6wt 4pc saltwater model w/fighting butt)
* Scott G

* If nobody has this Scott ARC model to part with, I may be interested in selling the Sage RPL or T&T outright.

You can email me directly at [email protected] if interested. Thanks!

- Tom
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